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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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without objection this item passes. next item 17. multifamily housing revenue bonds 227-227 west point road not to exceed $45 million. president david chiu: same house same call. this resolution is adopted. let's go to special commendation. let's go to supervisor yee. supervisor norman yee: thank you. today i'm honoring an outstanding individual in district 7. mark christensen. please come to the podium. mark
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work tirelessly throughout the year with his neighborhood organization metna. which stands for merced extended triangle association to ensure his neighborhood gets the attention it deserves. besides supervisor avalos does anybody know where it is? when you come off the freeway on 280 going to 19th avenue, you shoot over the little triangle area. that's part of my district that hardly anybody knows about. but i do know and it has a nice supermarket area. due to mark's work it has not been totally forgotten. he works very hard to fill the unoccupied spaces on the mall and was successful
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in bringing the much needed grocery store at the time. mark is a driving force in recruiting many other people to get involved and work in a positive way with both city and the neighborhood. that is why he is also being awarded the neighborhood empowerment network lifetime achievement award that will be coming up soon. mark believes collaboration is the key. he has not only worked on district 7 issues, but citywide projects such as the renovation of the stadium. by the way, the original home of the san francisco 49ers. has anybody ever seen a football game at kiz ar? i have. oh yeah. okay. community involvement is so important on so many levels as it keeps our community
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connected and raises awareness of the work that can be done in cooperation with the city. mark has earned the respect of all the city department heads and elected officials that he has worked with because of his positive attitude and outlook. his motto is let's work together and get things done. please join me in thanking mark for all his years of devotion in our city. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you for those of you that are not sure where metna is, it's bordered or the west by north by brother hood way and south and east by interstate 280. we are the last section in san francisco before you get to daley city. first, president chiu, board members and the empowerment network and the district supervisor norman yee, thank you very much for
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this recognition. this is really a shared award with many members of the merced extension triangle who work tirelessly to work in our city that we can be proud of. this is a collaborative effort with dpw, puc, mta, rec's and parks, the fire department and police department and other public agencies. we work together. our goal has been to make the city a better place to live, work, play and travel within. i thank you to those public agencies and individuals who have done just that. thank you very much for this recollection. [ applause ]
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president david chiu: thank you supervisor yee. our next is by supervisor cohen and myself. supervisor cohen do you want to make introductory comments. supervisor malia cohen: thank you very much. please come to the podium. thanks. so, happy mentor ship month, everyone. january is national mentor ship month and we are taking a moment to recognize big brothers and big sisters in the area. earlier today supervisor chiu ands i announced a partnership with big brothers and big sisters of the bay area to reduce, what is a travesty, a waiting list in san francisco of 83 students waiting to be partnered up with a mentor. our goal is to go from 83 to 0. no person can do
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this alone. the partnership brings together the government and the private sector together to satisfy this need. this lady that i brought up to the opposed the -- podium is kathy bella. she's going to talk about the mentor ship program and she'll talk about that. my program began in january at the library. out of the 83 students that are on the list waiting for a big brother, big sister, about a quarter of that population is coming from the bayview community. supervisor chiu is there anything you would like to add? >> president david chiu: we know how important mentoring is. we wouldn't be sitting in the seats we occupy. the people
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that helped us and counseled us gave us our careers. i was also along with supervisor cohen really happy to be part of today's announcement because we know we have industries particularly within our tech and innovative sectors who are succeeding and it's important for all of us that we work on the future and next generation of our work force to figure out how student's today can also succeed. we have a waiting list. it's certainly my hope that some day soon and not only will that waiting list be zero but every student in our city that wishes to be mentored hopefully they will be able to be accommodated. i'm happy to join supervisor cohen on this commendation and would like to thank kathy bella who work with a staff and volunteers and taking care of the the students
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in san francisco. >> thank you so much supervisor chiu and supervisor cohen and thank you to the full board of supervisors. i'm really pleased to be here today and happy national mentor ship month to everyone. this is a special month to celebrate mentor ship in all it's forms and it's also a time when we recruit new mentors for our children each year. as was mentioned we have been a long standing non-profit here in the bay area. we were established in 1958. we cover 5 bay area counties and we are based here in san francisco on mission street and the downtown san francisco area. we serve 1,000 children right now and our goal by the end of 2018 is to double that amount of children that are served per year to 2,000. our most important priority right now is to reduce that 83 child waiting
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list down to zero and we are very pleased to be working with the city and the board of supervisors. supervisor cohen and chiu and sf city in order to reduce and eventually eliminate that waiting list. there are all kind of statistics that show what the power of mentor ship can do for a child in their life. from increased academic performance to increased level of self-confidence to decrease levels of susceptible to join gangs and it's just really simple of just matching a caring adult for a child in need. most of our kids come from single parent households.
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10-15 percent of them have an incarcerated parent. we want to help them have a better stronger brighter future. we thank you so much for the special commendation and recognizing the work we do and all the other mentor ship organizations in the city. supervisor malia cohen: kathy before you go, maybe you can tell those how to volunteer in the program? >> absolutely. mentor ship is connecting within our agency. the best way to reach us is through our website big brothers and big mentor ship is a sign up of a minimum of a year's time. we do a community based program. you are basically paired with your little and your spending time with them at least twice a month in a variety of ways. we
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provide very stringent and on going training and ensure that relationship is strong and thrive. you can reach us at our number or through our website. thank you so much, supervisor cohen. supervisor malia cohen: thank you very much, we appreciate your work. thank you, david. [ applause ]
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president david chiu: thank you, supervisor cohen. let's go to introductions. >> supervisor kim is first to introduce roll call for introductions. supervisor jane kim: thank you. at our last board meeting i and several colleagues at the board of supervisors indicated a desire for the city to do more around pedestrian safety around our city. i indicated along with supervisor avalos in seeing the city implement san francisco's own version of vision zero plan. today after another pedestrian collision at union square we are beginning a
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process three part strategy for the city of san francisco to cut the pedestrian cyclist. this is reduce the fatal pedestrian injuries by 25 percent and 50 percent in 2021. other cities are aiming higher. recently chicago and new york announced that they are attempting to reduce all fatalities to zero in the next 10 years. based off models that have been seen in sweden, netherlands and united kingdom. our city can do the same. in fact our city has already invested enormous resources to identify how collisions happen and to prevent it. we have already studied and identified the most dangerous high injury corridors and areas in the city and the most dangers driving
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behaviors. we have information and we need to act on what we know and the incredible data we have already collected. supervisors avalos, he and i are making this commitment to our residented zero traffic fatalities in 10 years. as we ask our residents to absorb residential density and more pedestrians and drivers to share our roads, the city need to step up our efforts to make this work with our infrastructure and to make our city safer. we are asking to create san francisco's vision zero based on a three part strategy focus is on engineering and education and enforcement. we believe this will make san francisco a safer place to walk and bike as we ask san francisco to make this their primary and preferred method of transportation. while engineering and street design
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can be costly we have learned from other cities that temporary pilot redesigns can help save lives and safety experience to bikers and pedestrians immediately. we utilized this on folsom street. we invested in a low cost pilot project on sixth street so that we can make immediate changes on the corridor with the no. 1 and no. 3 highest collision in the city while we continue to go through a corridor. our office knew this would take years. yet the street is dangerous today. the mayor's office matched our funds and we were able to do this in san francisco. after we lost the life of 24 years young, we had
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the capacity to respond quicker by enforcing a bike lane as well. these projects have been proven to work and an opportunity to extend the benefits of the cyclist safety. this is a targeted crisis intervention team within sf mta that will be dedicating to just implementing these flexible pilots on the streets where data clearly shows this is happening and not just in our district. other corridors such as 19th street and other intersection can benefit from this pilot as well. we would like to see the city take on an ambitious goal of one per month over the next 2 years. we also know that education is key. we have invested money reminding pedestrians not to tax while walking. we can invest in a larger campaign to remind that
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if you must drive in san francisco that you share the road with seniors and children and disabled residents. as a driver myself, i remind myself. this can save the life of someone else. taking a look on my rear view mirror and ways to make our city safer. we are demanding the driver implement workgroup to implement driver awareness campaign and more that supervisor yee will be announcing during his roll call. last piece but vital piece is enforcement. unfortunately enforcement citations and penalties are used to change driving behavior. in october i called supervisor wiener and march to clarify traffic impedement port
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colfor monitoring traffic. if you continue this dialogue with the police commission and the neighborhood city. here in san francisco i believe we have cultivated a driver first culture. for example, last night i was perturbed to read an article reporting a collision that the driver in the incident just couldn't get out of the way fast enough. we need a culture shift in the city and it starts withholding our drivers accountable with the tremendous power they have behind the wheel. cars are weapons and regardless whose fault it is, it is the driver who can kill, not the pedestrian or cyclist. i want to acknowledge supervisor avenues who -- avalos who has been an advocated to fund the
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driver awareness campaign and norman yee whose district has incurred a number of pedestrian casualties. the last thing that i will say is that although this issue has been a top priority for our office since we came on board, i continue to be reminded of the real human face of this epidemic. as i said last week there is nothing that combaers -- compares to sitting across from a grieving family how is it possible that taking a life of my daughter, my uncle, my grandmother is not a crime and how can we be told that we might not be safe in a crosswalk. i hope that you can support this vision for dream more and i would like to thanks those, the groups and many
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others. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor kim, supervisor mar. mar mar mar thank you madam clerk. we are uniting with the tenants convention on saturday january 18th at 1 :00 p.m. at the park branch library . we invite residents to come together who are being evicted with solidarity and support and stopping the gentrification and displacing many people in our neighborhoods. we are also hoping to educate residents in the neighborhood when
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threatened with evictions and come up with potential ballot initiatives to present citywide to the convention. i want to say the tenant convention is the first step to building a stronger voice to residents that are trying to preserve the character and diversity in our district. the tenant convention will be held at lc iu on february 8th, from 1-4:00 p.m.. lunch will be provided at noon. other neighbors including the mission, tenderloin and south of market have held their own conventions. we hope to bring together their best thinking and strategies from many of our different neighborhoods. on a similar note i introduced draft legislation today with a
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coalition of tenant and housing organizations to address the growing eviction crisis driven by greedy speculators as the mayor mentioned in his comments. the piece of legislation, or draft legislations addresses the explosion and creation of tenants in tic units over the past few years. they represent past home ownership to middle income to city san francisco. unfortunately the tic market is currently unregulated and well address this problem. greedy people are taking millions of dollars. the city does not even measure or track these type of
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conversions. i want to thank the cosponsors kim and avalos and campos for joining me in this legislation. we think it will begin to bring a balance to this unregulated market and ensure health and life safety improvement in our tic units, resilient neighborhoods and strong communities. the ordinance focuses specifically on a specific type of tic, the fractionalized loans and convert rental apartments into tic without complying with building and planning code requirements that protect business and residents. they avoid the fees on the impacts
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on neighborhoods as well. the profits earned by e evading these requirements. it also creates an eviction of ownership of buildings continuing two or more buildings. also requires the planning department to review the project for compliance with the planning code and any applicable designs by the the guidelines. i want to include that for these called frak ticks to comply with the planning code. finally any application for a conversion of an existing building from one ownership to fractionalized owner ship to comply with the building and housing codes and particularly with fire and new construction to be approved. this will reduce the number of purely speculative conversions
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and benefit future tic owners as well. code upgrades will increase the resiliency of san francisco's neighborhoods in the event of natural disasters by making housing safer through code compliance. thanks to the community housing organizations and the san francisco tenants unions, the housing tenant union for their great work in developing they legislation with my office. lastly i'm introducing a hearing today regarding eviction not of residents but of the recycling center at the market street safe way. colleagues, many of you know that the market street safe way is scheduled for eviction this coming may. market street safe way recycling center, i mean. it closing part of the trend that is allowing community recycling in san francisco. the neighborhood council recycling in san francisco in the park. 5
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centers have closed down. i have heard from community residents that this will have a severe impact to members of the community who rely on this small income. people really rely on this stream of income. i also fear that our small convenient store owners might be impacted if the state enforces these laws that face $100 per day fines. finally i'm curious to learn how these will meet the abilities to meet the zero waste goals as well. for these reasons i'm calling to a hearing on these concerns and understand what the effects will be in light of these closures. and i'm proud to support the measure that supervisor campos has introduced opposed antiabortion rates and supporting reproductive rights. the rest i
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will submit. >> thank you supervisor mar, supervisor wean. supervisor scott weiner: thank you, madam clerk. today i'm introducing legislation to incentivize developers to place their required affordable housing on site instead of paying a fee in lieu and also to encourage them to include on-site affordable housing significantly higher than the legally required minimum. currently colleagues as you know developers typically have a choice of paying an in lieu fee or making 12 percent of their units below market rate whether it's in a condominium projector rental project. this legislation will provide the developer with the option if they choose of making at least 20 percent of their units
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on-site affordable. if they do make that choice and significantly increase the number of affordable units above the legal minimum, those affordable units will not count against the unit density limits for the property. so we will incentivize the creation of more affordable housing, the units will be on-site instead of somewhere else and it will not reduce the number of market rate units that they will be able to produce. so we'll create an incentive without creating a disincentive. it will create more housing over all and will create more affordable units. in addition for completely affordable hundred percent affordable units which are by definition greater than 20 percent, density controls will be removed and affordable housing developers who are affordable
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housing developing unit can build on their project. colleagues as you know that we all agree on is that we have housing crisis and particularly housing affordability crisis. there are many many ways to approach this. there is no one magic bullet but creating more affordable housing is certainly one of the key things that we need to do to address the crisis and this legislation will help move us in that direction. i also have two in memoriam today. the first is for our resident katie vid ash who passed away on december 23rd at the age of 100. i was very honored last year to be able to join katie at her home in glen park to help celebrate her hundredth birthday. she was doing very well and i was very sad to hear she passed. katie
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lived in her home on diamond street since 1949 until the day of her death and she is able to stay at her home until she passed. she raised children there and was just surrounded by many many loved ones, friends and family until the very end. she was an amazing lady and i know that many many people in the neighborhood will miss her. i also have a memoriam which i am cosponsoring with kim bobby baker who passed away. she was born in memphis tennessee and overcame many challenges before moving to san francisco area in 1992. she served as the west


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